In this page you will find a summary of current fares. If you need more information browse the Madrid Government website.

You can also get an estimated of price and time through our journeys calculator.



  Fare  Aplication  Price – Start of journey   Price per KM  Price per hour
1 Working hours M-F from 7 to 21h  2.50€  1.10€  22.00€
 2  Rest of days and hours  3.10€  1.30€  25€
 3  Origin: Airport
Destination: Outside M30

(No applicable to arranged services)

 20€ (*)  1.05€  20.50€
 4 Origin or destination: Airport
Origin or destination: Inside M30

(No surcharge allowed)

 30€  0€  0€
 7*** Origin: IFEMA (Juan Carlos I Park)/ Taxi stops in train stations (Chamartín, Atocha), bus stations (Avda América / Est. Sur Méndez Álvaro)

(No applicable to arranged services)

 7.50€ (**)  1.10€  22€

*Mileage of 9500m or equivalent time

**Mileage of 1450m or equivalent time

*** For services with origin in stations and destination to airport, fare 4 is applied.


Chistmas Eve and New Years Eve journeys ending between 21h of the same day and 7h of next day

Minimum amount of passengers collection – arrenged services

  • 5€ Municipal Area of Madrid
  • 8€ in the remaining joint service area (APC)


Payment methods
When you travel with us you can pay with:

  • Cash (€) 
  • Bank card


Rights of the traveler

  • Get a receipt of the service that contains the minimum information set out in article 22 of the Taxi Law. In case of printer breakdown, travelers will have right to get a receipt with the same data than the ticket.
  • The payment of the amount of the service with credit and debit card in vehicles with reader.
  • The transport of luggage. Also, travelers have right the driver to pick up the luggage, place it in the boot of the vehicle and deliver it at the end of the service.
  • Choose the tour that it deems most appropriate.
  • Receive the service with vehicles that have the necessary conditions in terms of hygiene and conservation, both exterior and interior.
  • Request to raise or lower the volume of the radio and other devices that could be installed in the vehicle, or turn off them.
  • Request to turn on the light inside when the user have difficulties of visibility, both for going inside or outside of the vehicle as in the moment of making the payment.
  • Free of charge transport guide dogs.
  • Be served during the performance of the service with the proper correction by the driver.
  • Opening and closing backdoors during the provision of the service, if the vehicle is detained and traffic conditions permit, and require the opening or closing of the front and rear windows, as well as air conditioning systems of the vehicle, is equipped with and may even lower the vehicle without cost to user If requiring the implementation of the system of air-conditioning or air conditioning at the start of the service, this will not work.
  • Choosing the stops of taxi, except in airports, stations railway or of bus, the taxi with which you want to receive the service.
  • Request the book’s claims, which can expose any claim about the provision of the service.
  • Receive reply to claims made.