To make a reservation for airport transfers, please perform the following steps:

1) Send us a message here which contains:

  • Traveler’s name and phone number
  • Date and time of the reservation
  • Picking up and destination addresses
  • If possible, the flight number (this way, our taxi driver will be informed if there is a change of terminal or flight delays)

2) One of our taxi drivers will answer (via phone or email) to confirm the booking and indicating:

  • Driver’s name and surname
  • Registration number
  • License number
  • Phone number

3) For picks up:

    • We will check the latest flight information and one of our drivers will wait inside the terminal with a sign indicating the name of the passenger.
    • The meeting points are:
    • Terminal 1 – Room 1 

Money exchange – arrivals gate
Terminal 1 – Room 2 
Pharmacy – arrivals gate
Terminal 2 
Arrivals gate
Terminal 3 
Arrivals gate
Terminal 4 
Taxi adversitment

4) Airport transfers

  • One of our taxi drivers will pick you up to the origin address indicated in the message
  • We will check the latest flight information and we will take you to the specified terminal.

5) Fares:

Fares 3 and 4 will be applied. More information in fares.
The taximeter will start working when the traveler(s) and their luggage are properly installed, except for the services contracted by telephone, radio or telematic starting at the place of departure of the vehicle.


 Fare  Application  Price – Start of journey  Price per KM  Price per hour
 3  Origin: Airport

Destination: Outside M30

(No applicable to arranged services)

 20€ (*)  1.05€  20.50€
 4 Origin or destination: Airport

Origen or destination: Inside M30

(No surcharge allowed)

 30€  0€  0€

6) Payment methods
When you travel with us you can pay with:

  • Cash (€) 
  • Bank card